TouchTurns LLC announces availability of flexible and 3D formable capacitive touchscreen sensors.

Santa Clara, CA, September 28,2017 -- TouchTurns today announced immediate availability of Flexible and 3D Formable capacitive touchscreen sensors, enabling customers to develop and roll out consumer and business products where traditional buttons can be replaced with unique touch user interfaces which are either fully flexible, foldable or roll-able, or are solid but three dimensional in shape.

"With the growth in flexible displays and with the advent new transparent conductive films which are flexible and formable, we now have the capability to make touch sensors that can unleash an incredible design freedom for those customers looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors with unique designs and advanced user interfaces" stated Shiou-Shiou Huang, Customer Programs Director at TouchTurns, LLC.

The demand for Flexible and 3D Formable touchscreens and surfaces is being driven by increasing desire to adopt new and exciting form factors incorporating the user interface within the product design without the use of traditional mechanical buttons, sliders or knobs. "Markets spanning wearables, household appliances, whitegoods, medical, automotive and industrial are embracing these new materials and techniques to improve the user interface and clearly differentiate their products. In addition by eliminating mechanical buttons cleanliness and reliability of these products and devices can be improved significantly." Shiou-Shiou stated.

For additional information, please contact:
Shiou-Shiou Huang
Business Development Director
TouchTurns LLC.
tel. 1.408.645.2607,

About TouchTurns
Founded in 2011, TouchTurns is a leader in the development, rapid prototyping and volume deployment of touch sensors for customers in North America. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to support their customers from their headquarters based in Santa Clara, CA USA.

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